Palais Royal du Louvre
A project for an Alternate History Series
by Julie Voisin and Alexandre Tacchino

Historical Context

The French revolution of 1789 has indeed taken place.
However, the French monarchy has endured.
Ever evolving with the times, the monarchy has adapted and relinquished its authority in order to survive within the framework of a Republic.
But for several years now, a deep recession has been a thorn in the country’s side.
Successive governments have rallied around the world of finance, imposing austerity.
The monarchy is confined to its opulent showcase, the Louvre Palace, while the people…
The people are hungry. The people are cold. The people are angry and something is brewing.
1789 has never seemed so relevant.

Emeutes de la Marche Citoyenne

In the beginning…

Tonight, 24-year-old Louis XXII is waiting.
In the shadows of the throne room in the darkest hours of the night, he chain smokes one cigarette after another, increasingly anxious.
No one must see or hear anything about the visitor he is expecting.
For such an encounter would trigger an unprecedented media firestorm.
And the young King of France’s project would be compromised forever...

Le Roi de France, Louis XXII

Subjects of the French Crown

Kyng’s universe through the eyes of a few citizens of the Kingdom.







Mira BL

Mira BL
Single parent



Galerie des Batailles

Part One

« Louis XXII has gone missing »

While the announcement has thrown the country into confusion and added oil to the fire of an already fierce presidential campaign, Issouf Kanté, aka “Roy,” the famous politically engaged rapper, realizes that he is probably one of the last people to have seen the King.

It was a few weeks earlier, when they had a discreet, one-to-one meeting at the Louvre Palace.

That evening, Louis XXII had summoned the rapper to make him a crazy proposition.
One of those offers that can’t be refused, except that Issouf had refused.

Against a backdrop of social unrest and a viciously turbulent presidential campaign, this detractor of modern times, who is currently out of inspiration, sets out to find the young monarch that he has always much criticized.

Even if it means jeopardizing his career, even if it means losing himself, even if it means losing everything...
Issouf will find the young King in order to offer him an unexpected pack.
And end up feeling alive again.

Prise de parole en public

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